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MommyPow.ca is an easy online Group Buying platform for parents in the BC Lower Mainland. It works using the power of social media and volume purchasing. When you share news of a great product offer and then buy at the same time as other local families, we can order in bulk and everyone gets a great deal! This combination of online word of mouth and power-buying packs some serious punch. It's a little something we like to refer to as "Pow!".


We source premium products that are designed to help parents with the big job of parenting. This includes educational toys, baby and kid gear, outdoor playthings, travel accessories, health products, storage solutions and kitchen items. When we arrange a offer with a supplier we post it on the MommyPow.ca Vancouver Facebook Group page, along with full product details, images and videos. Our Group Buys are based on a Minimum Quantity sold and are timed offers, so Facebook makes it easy to spread the word quickly.

When a Group Buy is posted we also release a unique password that gives you access to our website where you can securely place your order using a Credit Card, Visa Debit, Google Pay or Apple Pay. We take your payment details at the time of ordering but you are only charged when the Minimum Quantity is reached. If the Minimum Quantity is not reached by the time a Group Buy closes the transaction is not processed and you are not charged for anything (our deals are pretty fantastic so most Group Buys reach the Minimum Quantity within a few hours).

Orders are usually ready for pick up at our warehouse in North Vancouver 5-10 business days from the day a Group Buy closes (sometimes sooner) and low-cost $6 Flat Rate Shipping is available within the Lower Mainland (Hope to Whistler) and Vancouver Island.



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