Have questions about how MommyPow Group Buys work? Have a look at How It Works, or browse our FAQs below, you should find the information you are looking for. If you don't find an answer to your question, just get in touch!

  1. How do I find out about what Group Buys are running? Just join our MommyPow.ca Vancouver Facebook Group. All communication regarding our Group Buys is done through this private Facebook Group. Weekly Buys are listed in the pinned post at the top of the Group page.
  2. How do I place an order? When a Group Buy is posted we also release a unique password on our Facebook page that gives you access to our website where you can securely place your order using a Credit Card, Visa Debit, Google Pay or Apple Pay.
  3. How many Group Buys do you run at one time? We usually run 3 to 6 Group Buys a week, but they won't necessarily all start and end on the same day so be sure to check the MommyPow.ca Vancouver Facebook Group regularly.
  4. What types of products do you sell? We sell premium kids and baby products, as well as select houseware items from well known and reputable brands primarily from North America, Europe and Australia. This includes educational toys, baby and kid gear, outdoor playthings, health products, storage solutions and kitchen items that are normally sold in boutiques and online stores. We seek high quality and unique products that are designed to help parents with the big job of parenting.
  5. What sorts of group deals do you offer? Depending on the product our offers range from 20% to 40% off MSRP, sometimes more.
  6. Why do I need a password to access Group Buys on your website? Our Group Buys are available only to members of our MommyPow.ca Vancouver Facebook Group. This is to ensure our offers are going to local BC families.
  7. What happens if the Minimum Quantity for a Group Buy is not reached? We set the Minimum Quantity at the number of units we have to sell in order to get the negotiated discount. When you place your order we take your payment details but we do not process the transaction until the Minimum Quantity is reached. If the Minimum Quantity is not reached you are not charged anything and your details are not kept under any circumstances. However, our deals are pretty fantastic so we usually reach Minimum Quantity within a few hours of a Group Buy launching.
  8. How do I find out if a Group Buy has reached the Minimum Quantity? We keep members up to date on the progress of Group Buys on the MommyPow.ca Vancouver Facebook Group page. We track the total "Sold" on the website and announce when the Minimum Quantity has been reached on the Facebook page.
  9. Can I participate in more than one Group Buy at a time? Yes! Our Group Buy passwords give you access to all Active Group Buys. You can participate in as many as you like.
  10. How do I receive a Group Buy product I have ordered? Orders are available for low-cost $6 Flat Rate Shipping to addresses in the BC Lower Mainland (Hope to Whistler) and Vancouver Island (we will also combine multiple orders under this rate). We also offer a free pick-up service at our North Vancouver warehouse. See our Pick-Up & Shipping information for full details.
  11. I selected Shipping - how do I know when my order has shipped? We will email you when your order arrives at our warehouse and is being prepped for shipping. You will also receive a tracking number by email.
  12. How do I know when to pick up my order? We will email you when your order has arrived at our warehouse and is ready for pick-up. You then book a Pick-Up Timeslot before arriving out our warehouse. (We need to gather the items in your order(s) from a big busy warehouse, so we need to know when you are coming!)
  13. How long does it take to get my order? Group Buy orders generally arrive at our warehouse 5-10 business days after a Group Buy closes. You can see up-to-date Group Buy Arrivals on our website. If you chose shipping, your order will ship when all items on the order have arrived at our warehouse. Our shipping time is 1-2 business days. If you chose to pick up your order, you will need to book a Pick-Up Timeslot after you receive our e-mail confirming your item is at our warehouse.
  14. How long do I have to pick up my order? Orders must be picked up within 40 days of receiving a pick-up notification email confirming that all items on your order have arrived. See our Pick Up & Shipping information for more details.
  15. Can I return something if I don't like it? Yes! Once you have received your order you are covered by our 15 Day Return Policy.
  16. Can I cancel an order before I receive it? Yes, you can cancel an order at any time prior to picking it up or us shipping it to you. Just email us at orders@mommypow.ca.
  17. Can I participate in a Group Buy if I don't live in the BC Lower Mainland or on Vancouver Island? In order to receive your order you need to be able to either pick up at our warehouse in North Vancouver, send someone to pick-up on your behalf, or have it shipped to an address in the BC Lower Mainland (Hope to Whistler) or Vancouver Island. See our Pick Up & Shipping information for more details. We plan to expand our shipping service to cover more of British Columbia soon.
  18. What if I find a better price on a MommyPow.ca Group Buy product somewhere else? This is unlikely, but if you do, let us know! Before we negotiate a deal with a supplier we scour the market for pricing. If you do happen to find a lower price tell us right away and we can use that to negotiate a better deal.

 Still have questions. Feel free to get in touch!

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